lundi 10 décembre 2007


When I watched Desperate Housewives, I realized that my comprehension to hear English is better than my voice. I learned more words and expressions. Desperate Housewives is a TV show about suburban life. It's very funny and this TV show is a representation of our suburbair life versus american life. I recommend this TV shoe because it's funny and there are many jokes. Desperate Housewives talk about real emotions and values like love, divorce, death, friendship and family. Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gavrielle created a great personality's mix. Susan is excentric and gaffeuse. Lynette is a great mother and she's manipulator. Gabrielle is also manipulative, a beautiful woman and intelligent person. Finaly, Bree is very perfect and this perfection becomescrazzy. She gives the impression of always being happy. Desperate Housewives is a really cool TV show.

I learned ten work in Desperate Housewifes
cheat, selfish, screwed, embezzled, faithful, loathe, suffer, pretty even-keeled, mistletoe and apologize.


My name is Susan Mayer. Martha’s neighbour disappeared and all people researched Martha. Mike is my boyfriend. A day, my ex-husband arrived for that I signed divorces papers when I was with Mike. I presented Mike at Karl. Mike decided to go to let Karl and me to talk. We had a discussion about Julie’s daughter and I learned that Karl was more with his secretary. Since Karl was sad, I decided to invite him at Julie’s evening. In the evening, Mike came at my home and we kissed. He told me I love you but I didn’t have courage able to. At the end of the discussion, I am upset. During the week, researches on Martha are always pursued. Meanwhile, I told at my friends that Mike told me I love you. It’s a moment for Julie’s evening, then Mike, Karl and I went in this karaoke night. Karl was invited Edie, my neighbour that I didn’t love. Mike learned that I sing and he wanted to sing expect. I chose New York, New York. While Mike will say in my song at the pianist, Edie told me that she had already slept with Karl. I went to sing New York, New York and since I sang, I insulted Karl front of all spectators because I was in anger. The next day, Karl came to apologize to me and he told me he would like to see get back together because I am a woman with who he wants to live. I realized that I love Mike and I ran to tell him, I love you.

samedi 8 septembre 2007

TV show 1: Anything you can do

Wisteria Lane’s habitants went to Lynette’s house because there was a thief. The officer explained many ways of defences. Lynette has two twins who worked very hard for a school audition. Carlos’s mother, Juanita, arrived because Carlos doubted Gabrielle’s fidelity. His doubt was true because Gabrielle made love many times with John, his gardener and she wasn’t happy. For Susan, she accepted to keep the neighbour's cat and she found a screwdriver. This was a thief's propriety. She gave the screwdriver to an officer. After that, this officer invited Susan to a restaurant but she learned that the officer was a liar and she went but she lost. Susan called her daughter who called Mike. Mike arrived and brought Susan back home. They explained and Mike kissed Susan. For Paul Young, the four friends were very anxious because he was unfortunate since the suicide his mother. Bree decided to invite him for a dinner.

jeudi 30 août 2007

Desperates Housewives is a Tv show about four people's lives. Their names are Linette Scavo, Gabrielle Solice, Bree Vandercamp and Suzanne Mailleurs. These women are girlfriends and they live on Wisteria Lane. Linette Scavo have a great honey. She has five children. Gabrielle is maried to Carlos, a rich man. She's a model. Bree is a perfect woman. She doesn't do anything wrong. Her husband and two teenagers hate that. Zuzanne is my favorite wife. She have a teenage girl and she is divorced. Suzanne loves the new and cute neighbor Mike Delfineau. The narrator for the women's lives is Marie-Alice, a woman who committed suicide. The Desperites Housewives is a great TV show with many jokes.